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More Questions Than Answers

Questions, questions, questions. “There are more questions than answers,” goes a song. Perhaps the singer is on to something. Then again, perhaps not. Ever notice how questions asked are evaded, avoided, or their premise voided? Ever wondered why? I am including questions we ask of ourselves. It may well be that some questions are invasive, intrusive, and inopportune, not so […]


Reverend Clinton Chisholm Puts Sexual Purity In Perspective

Jamaican renowned scholar and theologian, the Reverend Clinton Chisholm, in an article in the press noted that “it would be difficult to advance a case from the New Testament justifying any sexual practice other than marital, consensual, heterosexual intercourse.” He noted that the Biblical position on sexual purity is not only unbridled and clear but also assumes the highest standard. […]


Straight Talk On Sex And Sexual Abuse

The Reverend Clinton Chisholm in an opinion piece on rjrnewsonline.com entitled, Plain Talk on Sex & Sexual Abuse, not only waxed eruditely on the subject but also provided insightful pertinent information on the topic. He bemoaned the fact that sexual abuse of minors is far too prevalent in society, and the church is too sex shy to confront sexual issues. […]


Bible Statistics For The Inquiring Mind

The Bible is a collection of inspiring texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity. It is a collection of scriptures written at different times by different authors in different locations. It has captivated the minds and attention of readers from time immemorial and continues to promote thoughts and provoke discussions. Below are some interesting facts about the Bible (KJV) that one […]


Q&A: Does the Bible Misrepresent the Domestication of Camels?

Dr. Fazale Rana, in an article on the popular website reasons.org, sought to address a question asked regarding biblical inerrancy. He writes thus: A Facebook friend named Oliver recently asked for help addressing an unusual challenge to biblical inerrancy. A skeptical friend of Oliver’s claimed that the Bible misrepresents the timing of camel domestication. He wrote, “If the Bible can’t […]


How We Got The Bible

This is part three of the series on the biblical cannon that RTB’s Maureen Moser and Senior Research Scholar Kenneth Sample have engaged in recently. The biblical canon is a topic that has been a source of discussion, debate, and controversy since the beginning of Christianity. Moser and Sample have already covered the doctrine of divine inspiration and standards for […]


Review Of “A.D. The Bible Continues”

Krista Bontrager, the dean of online learning at Reasons to Believe in a blog post on reasons.org posited the following in a review of the current Bible series that is currently being aired on NBC television. She writes thus: Sunday nights have become much more exciting in my home as my family has been following the adventures of the apostles […]


How We Got The Bible, Part 2

Last month Readers Bureau featured the first in a 3 part discussion series of RTB’s editor Maureen Moser and Kenneth R. Samples. We continue this week with part 2 of the fascinating and interesting discussion thus: So, while the New Testament received challenges from the Gnostics, it seems the Old Testament faces a lot of debate within the church. Why […]


How We Got The Bible – Part 1

In answering the question, how we got the bible, renown philosopher and theologian Kenneth Richard Samples provides some insights in a blog on the website reasons.org. He noted that earlier this year scholars announced the discovery of what might be the oldest known copy of the Gospel of Mark (see here and here). He explained that a fragment of Mark’s […]


Bible Characters’ Last Words

The last words uttered by men of old as they make their transition from this life to another are not only noteworthy but also good for contemplation. Moreover, the utterances of these men should serve as a reminder that we are not here to stay, but will all make the same exit – life to death. That said, shouldn’t we […]