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Bernie Sanders Cries “Sabotage”

Sen. Bernie Sanders was in a no-holds-barred mood on Sunday when he called out Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, referring to them as “saboteurs.” He argued that both senators have “sabotaged” President Joe Biden’s agenda. “You got two members of the Senate, Sen. Manchin and Sen. Sinema, who have sabotaged what the president has been fighting for,” Sanders told […]


Bernie Sanders Pushes Free Masks For All U.S. Households

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders announced on Tuesday that he will introduce legislation “for N95 masks to be sent to every household in the country.” “All Americans should have face masks that will keep them safe. I will be introducing legislation tomorrow for N95 masks to be sent to every household in the country. This will save lives and reduce health […]


James Clyburn — Bernie Sanders Should Have A Seat At The Table

Photo source: twitter James Clyburn, the U.S. House of Representatives from South Carolina who is credited for helping to resurrect Biden’s struggling campaign and ultimately get him elected President, is now playing wait and see on Biden’s cabinet appointees. Biden, who served eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, easily carried South Carolina and subsequently other southern states with significant […]


Bernie Sanders Mocks President Trump

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders noted in a recent remark that this is the “most important election in the modern history of the United States of America, while on the campaign stump for Joe Biden. “We now have a president who is an unmitigated disaster, and we cannot take four more years of Donald Trump,” Sanders said. He said Trump’s refusal […]


Bernie ‘Burning Hot’ In The Zone

Bernie Sanders is creating massive headaches for the Democratic establishment and from all indications, there are many unhappy honchos. However, Sanders is on a roll to cement his lead role as the Democratic front-runner to take on Donald Trump in November’s U.S. presidential election. He has demolished the Nevada caucus by grabbing 24 delegates with his nearest rival Joe Biden […]


Bernie Sanders — Set To Make Internet Access Affordable!

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is promising to invest $150 billion to bring high-speed Internet to “every household in America.”  Sanders noted that high-speed Internet is central to the basic functions of families, students, and businesses.  He posited the view that a “huge swaths of the population lack access to an Internet connection or cannot afford the options available. Millions […]


Saunders Touts The Merit Of His Campaign

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders boasted, a nearly 7.5 million individual campaign contributions, and declared that to ”run a winning national campaign” one does not need Wall Street. “It has shown you can run a winning national campaign without being dependent on Wall Street and the big money interests,” he told a rally in Fargo, North Dakota. “I’m proud […]