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Aluminum Prices Land Nine-Year High

Aluminum prices on the London Metal Exchange reached a nine-year high May 10 when it reached $2,565 per metric ton.  Since then, prices dropped below the $2,500 per metric ton mark, averaging $2,434 throughout May. Aluminum futures were trading around the $2,470 per ton level in June, not far from a three-year high of $2,548 mark in April, with markets […]


Canada Hits Back At Trump’s Aluminum Tariffs

Following a 10 % tariff on some Canadian aluminum products by President Trump, Canada has hit back with an announced $2.7bn tax on U.S. aluminum products. Canada and the U.S. reached a deal last year to lift tariffs on steel and aluminum imports. However, President Trump reintroduced the tariff in the latter of this week, claiming U.S. industry protection. Speaking […]