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Taliban Orders Afghan Women To Cover Their Faces In Public

The move is one of the harshest restrictions imposed on Afghanistan’s women since the Taliban seized power last year. Afghanistan’s supreme leader has ordered the country’s women to cover their faces in public – one of the harshest restrictions imposed on them since the Taliban seized power last year and an escalation of growing restrictions on women that are drawing […]


Afghan Public Universities Reopen With Gender Segregated Classes

Universities have reopened six months after Taliban returned to power, but only a trickle of women have returned to classrooms. Afghanistan’s main universities have reopened six months after the Taliban returned to power, but only a trickle of women have returned to now-segregated classes. Most secondary schools for girls and all public universities were shuttered following the Taliban’s August 15 takeover, […]


Rep. Michael McCaul — The U.S. Must Project Strength

Photo credit: Ed Schipul Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) has argued that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan has emboldened Russia in its ongoing conflict with Ukraine. In an interview on CNN’s State of the Union, McCaul told host Jake Tapper the key to preventing a Russian invasion into Ukraine is deterrence.  “But I’m not seeing a lot of deterrence,” McCaul said. […]


OIC To Set Up Humanitarian Trust Fund

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has pledged to set up a humanitarian trust fund for Afghanistan as millions face hunger and poverty. The crisis is causing alarm with billions of dollars in aid and assets frozen by the international community after the Taliban takeover of the country in August this year. “Unless action is taken immediately, Afghanistan is heading […]


Preview Of Group Two In The T-20 World Cup

Having assessed the outcome of the potential teams in Group 1, it still doesn’t mean Group 2 will be any easier to survive. Group 2 will see 3 Asian teams square off, including tournament favorites India, their rival’s Pakistan, and the ever-improving Afghanistan. The group is completed with the under-the-radar Kiwis as well as likely minnows Ireland and Scotland. In […]


Taliban — Cut Your Beard At Your Own Risk

The Taliban have up the ante in its new rules in Afghanistan. The newly formed government has banned men from cutting or shaving their beards. The leaders reportedly view this as a breach of Islamic law. Anyone violating the rule will be punished, Taliban religious police reportedly said. The new rule has forced a slowdown in business for salon operators. […]


Former President Trump Blows Trumpet On Afghanistan

According to a press report, Former President Trump has argued that the U.S. should not play nice with the Taliban. He said the U.S. should respond with “unequivocal Military force” if the Taliban refuses to return the billions of dollars worth of military equipment that was left behind in Afghanistan or “at least bomb the hell out of” the hardware. […]


Did The U.S. Get Played By The Afghan Government?

The U.S., in trying to sell democracy around the globe has been generous to a fault, some would say. The country’s foreign assistance is said to support global peace, security, and development efforts, and provide humanitarian relief during times of crisis. According to the Congressional Research Service, foreign aid for the fiscal year 2016, 42% was spent on long-term development, […]


U.K. — No Plan To Stay In Afghanistan After U.S. Exit

According to a press report, the U.K. has no plan of staying in Afghanistan and will exit the country at the same time as the U.S. The U.K. Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said, “When they [the U.S.] withdraw that will take away the framework… we will have to go as well,” he said. “I don’t think there is any likelihood […]


The U.S. Spent $2 Trillion In Afghanistan – And For What?

There is no shortage of benchmarks to count the cost of the United States’ longest war. Blood is by far the most precious metric. Treasure feels insignificant by comparison. But as images of Afghans swarming Kabul airport, desperately trying to flee Taliban rule, flood screens around the world, the vast sums the US spent trying to build Afghanistan into a […]