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U.S. Slams Break On Huawei’s Tech Progress

The U.S. federal government has unveiled a new rule set to restrict the sales of chips to Huawei. The rule requires foreign manufacturers using U.S. chipmaking gear to get a license before being allowed to sell semiconductors to Huawei. In an interview on Yahoo Finance’s On The Move, Huawei CTO Carrier Business Group Paul Scanlan argued that Washington’s move not […]


China Pushes Ahead With 5G Networks

China’s mobile operators have made 5G services available to consumers, as the country seeks to become a global new technology leader. State-owned carriers China Mobile, China Unicom, and China Telecom have recently rolled out their 5G data plans.  This latest move comes against the background of a power struggle over trade and technology between Beijing and Washington. South Korea, the […]