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Is Trump A Flip Flopper?

Donald Trump has changed his tune and now vows to go after the rich, demanding that they pay a higher tax rate. The new heavy weight political champion and the presumptive Republican nominee had said taxes against the wealthiest Americans would drop from almost 40 percent to 25 percent. Non-partisan analysts have predicted those cuts would save the top 1 […]


Trump Not Happy With Hosts On “The View”

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was livid at ABC’s “The View” on Twitter after its panel of hosts, namely Whoopi Goldberg, slammed retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson for supporting him. “.@TheView T.V. show, which is failing so badly that it will soon be taken off [the] air, is constantly asking me to go on,” Trump tweeted. He went on to tweet […]


Mitt Romney Pissed Off With Trump — Expressed Anti-Hillary Sentiments

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential nominee, is not a happy camper and is in a tizzy as Trump keeps winning states after states in his bid to win the nomination to represent the Republican Party in the national election set for November. Romney’s gripe is none of the field of candidates so far has been able to give the […]


Not One Accomplishment In Marco Rubio’s Entire Career Says…

New Jersey Governor — Chris Christie Marco Rubio’s rise in politics like President Obama has come rather quickly. In fact, Rubio has been labeled in some quarters as an “Obama me too” and “Obama wannabe.” Notwithstanding, the 44-year-old Rubio boast an impressive resume reflecting the following: City Commissioner for West Miami Member of Florida House of Representatives House Majority Leader […]


Can Ted Cruz Survive The ‘Anchor Baby’ Label?

Many people will say that political campaign is a “blood sport” and if one is not fight ready, one should stay as far as possible from the ring. This of course is tantamount to saying if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Now, the 2016 U.S. presidential political campaign is at a fever pitch and the […]


Clinton Dismisses Sanders’ Healthcare Plan

Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has taken a dim view of the healthcare plan of her rival Bernie Saunders, viewing it as dead on arrival. While speaking at a rally at Iowa’s Simpson College, Clinton said in reference to Sanders’ plan “you’ll get gridlock and an endless wait for advances that will never come.” She noted that today more than 90% […]


New Poll Shows Trump Still On A Roll

As the 2016 election contest draws near, Donald Trump seems set to not only win in Iowa but also New Hampshire. The latest round of Fox News state polls on the Republican presidential nomination contest shows the following: Trump now leads Ted Cruz in Iowa and now receives 34 percent support among Republican caucus-goers.  Trump was at 23 percent in […]


Clinton Cries Foul…

Did Not Get Classified Information Through Email Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has denied that she made any request for classified information to be sent over a non-secure system to her while serving as Secretary of State. The latest charge is part of the ongoing e-mail saga that has continued to dog her campaign for months. Although she has continued […]


Trump Blames Obama And Hillary Clinton For Middle East Crisis…

And Declares That He Loves Predicting Republican Presidential candidate front-runner Donald Trump is laying the blame of the current Middle East crisis squarely at the feet of the Obama’s administration and Democratic 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump argues that he has impeccable insight on what’s happening today in that part of the world — the Middle East. “One thing […]


Ben Carson Jets Off To Jordan On A Fact Finding Mission

He will tour refugee camps in Jordan According to a spokesperson from Ben Carson’s campaign, the Republican presidential candidate will make a surprise trip to Jordan to visit a camp with Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Carson’s visit will mark the first time anyone of the 2016 candidate will pay such visit to a camp since the refugee crisis began this […]