“Stop Kiss” By Diana Son

“This play may not be in every theater aficionado’s consciousness, but it deserves to be, and I can’t imagine not having this script close at hand,” said Catherine Ritchie, Adult Materials Selector at Dallas Public Library in her review of the book titled, Stop Kiss.”

She summed up the book thus in one of her latest reviews:

This play stars Callie and Sara, two New York City 20-somethings, who meet via mutual acquaintance and quickly become inseparable.

Each woman brings history and “baggage” to the mix, but their friendship soon becomes akin to breathing for both as they unwittingly begin to “forsake all others” in deference to their newfound primary relationship.

One night, just as that relationship finally appears to be deepening, a horrific event forever changes both their lives.

Over her many brief scenes, Son deftly illustrates a loving bond between two likable, presumably heterosexual women, thus rendering the trauma that befalls them even more devastating.

This moving work says much about friendship and the need for connection—for a start. 

Jenny Renn, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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