Spectacular Mountains To Visit On Your Next Trip To Jamaica

Jamaica is known for many things — lovely beaches, reggae music, athletic prowess, blue mountain coffee, jerk pork, JB rum, among other exotic market offering.

However, not many people know about its eco-tourist attractions.

On any visit to the island, the first impression one gets is from on high as the airline circles to make its landing.

This vantage position from the sky presents one with a breathtaking view of the rugged mountain range, flush vegetation, narrow valleys and coastal plains.

Photo credit: Blue Mountain
Photo credit: Blue Mountain

However, one will have to take a trip to the Blue Mountains and John Crow Mountains National Park to realize and appreciate the natural, rustic, and exotic setting the country has to offer — it is a sheer joy and beauty!

At 2,256 meters, the Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point in Jamaica and is accessible only by mule or on foot.

The two-day trip up the mountain offers thrilling views and on a clear day it is said hikers can see all the way to Cuba.

Moreover, one will be struck with awe and startled by the unspoiled preserve of this mountain range — it’s nature at its best and within its glory!.

Apart from the breathtaking view from the mountains, one is able to splash under the many waterfalls,see the lush rainforests, as well as exotic plants and animals.

The National Park is the natural habitat for more than 800 species of endemic plants, more than 200 species of birds, as well as the world’s second largest butterfly.

It covers over 200,000 acres of tropical rainforest, and the park is divided into three sections: Portland Gap, which includes Stony Hill and the Hills of St. Andrew; Hollywell and Annotto Bay; and Portland and Millbank which include the John Crow Mountains.

The Blue and the John Crow Mountains have been recently inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list for the outstanding universal value of its cultural and national heritage.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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