South Sudan On The Brink Of Civil War

Sudan, once the largest country in Africa and the Arab World, changed in July 2011, after the Southern Sudan region separated into an independent country (South Sudan) following a referendum.

Historically, the country has been plagued with foreign invasion, political instability, coup d’etat and civil war.

South Sudan On The Brink Of Civil WarToday, in what may be described as a grab for power, South Sudan is now in a political turmoil and is cited by US President Barack Obama as being on the precipice of a civil war, after clashes in the capital Juba spread around the country.

At least 500 people are reported to have died since last weekend, when President Salva Kiir accused ex-deputy Riek Machar of a failed coup.

Kiir and Machar are from different tribes – Dinka and Nuer respectively. Both men are involved in a political power struggle that is threatening to plunge the country into another period of its darkest moment when more than a million people  were left dead after a 22-year civil war.

President Kiir has blamed the violence on soldiers who are loyal to Mr. Machar, the former vice- president who was sacked in July for his open defiance and criticism of Kiir’s governance.

Heavy fighting between soldiers allied to both men has forced a number of countries, including the United States, China, and Britain to begin evacuation of their nationals.