Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good

Somewhere Safe With Somebody GoodTeresa Bocanegra writing on provides an interesting take in her review of the book, titled “Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good,” written by Jan Karon. Bocanegra writes thus:

Twenty years ago, Jan Karon began her Mitford series withAt Home in Mitford. Now in book ten, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (over 500 pages and 9 years since the last of the Mitford series), she continues the story of Episcopalian Priest Father Tim and his wife Cynthia – along with many of the 700 plus characters introduced throughout these 20 years. Even though I had read all 9 of the previous books, there were a few storylines I could not recall. Not to worry though because Karon makes it easy to remember where each character fits by way of the occasional look back in the form of memories, and this will be a great aid for grounding readers that may not have read previous novels in the series.

“Consider it done.” This oft uttered phrase is what forever keeps Father Tim involved in the drama and the daily lives of the quirky Mitford residents. Yes, he falls right back in to all of the nagging problems – getting drafted into this or that, pushed, pulled or simply jumping headlong into one crisis, happy laugh or exasperation after another. As he delves back into town activity (after being away for a few years post-retirement), Father Tim wonders where he fits in, however; there is not much time to dwell because he now has to contend with his volunteer job at the bookstore where he is frustrated with toilets, water heaters, a finicky thermostat, a pain of a door lock that only works when it wants to, and a particularly angered customer. “Retailing is definitely worse than priesting” he sighs.

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