Skerritt 10-Point Plan Offers Nothing New Says GCB’s President

The President of Guyana’s Cricket Board (GCB) Anand Sanasie is displeased with the way Ricky Skerritt has characterized Guyana’s position on the upcoming CWI presidential election.

Skerritt has charged that the GCB has not given him a chance to make his case as to why he should be the next president of the CWI.

“We are also aware that the GCB is providing unwavering support to CWI President Cameron and Vice-President [Emmanuel] Nanthan, even in the midst of various controversial decisions,” Skerritt’s reportedly said in a letter to the GCB.

“We have therefore been warned by several cricket pundits that we would be wasting our time if we tried to earn votes from the GCB for the leadership bids,” the letter further stated.

Sanasie, however, has described Skerritt’s remarks as insulting and unbecoming of someone who is soliciting support from a third party.

“You are insulting me by telling me all of this and then telling me you are seeking support,” Sanasie said, according to press reports.

Sanasie further said, “The GCB at its General Meeting on January 20th took a decision to support the incumbent.”

Skerritt, a former CWI board member, is seeking to unseat the second term incumbent President Dave Cameron at the next Annual General which is scheduled to be held in Jamaica later this month.

Sanasie, who is also a director of the CWI, has been critical of Skerritt’s 10-point plan, which he said offers nothing new.

“The 10-point plan, nine of the points are currently happening, and you are telling me you are going to improve on them, but there is no need for us to change who has put those in place, and generally we don’t see the need for change at this time,” Sanasie reportedly said.

Sanasie told the press that the decision to support Cameron was based solely on his track record as president of the CWI.

“We can safely say cricket in Guyana has progressed under the leadership of Cameron but that aside, the setting up of the PCL [Professional Cricket League] is a legacy that Cameron has created and has really enhanced cricket development in the region,” said Sanasie.

Sanasie lauded Cameron’s work as President of CWI and argued that there has been significant development and progress in regional cricket under Cameron’s watch.

“In our mind, we think Mr. Cameron during his time has been very beneficial to the GCB,” Sanasie said.

He further stated, “We have won the PCL for five years, the PCL was something he brought in, and Guyana Jaguars have won it all five times, 105 cricketers have a salary across the region and CWI has acquired its own facility at the Coolidge Cricket Ground.”

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