The Age-Old Question Of Size

“The Pros and Cons”

The age old debate on whether women openly or secretly long for or fantasize about large male sexual organs continues to be discussed.  Surveys have been done in recent times and it appears that the preference is for the man who is well endowed.

The visible or external male sex organ is comprised of the testes (also called testicles) and the penis. Sperm is made in the testes and both testes are protected in a sac of skin called the scrotum. The penis in an erect state is the delivery system to deposit the semen into the vagina. Sperms are in the liquid called the semen and if there is a mature ovum (egg), it may be fertilized by a sperm thus starting the process of reproduction.

Sexual Intercourse for Procreation

The age oldProcreation (creating life) does not require specs for the penis. The critical requirements are an erect penis that ejaculates in the vagina at a time when there is a mature egg. Failures to get a woman pregnant can be as a result of:

  • The male not being able to have an erect penis to facilitate entry into the woman’s vagina
  • The male not being able to ejaculate during sexual intercourse
  • The quality of the sperms being poor
    • a low sperm count,
    • immature or deformed sperms
  • The female not having  mature eggs (ova)
  • Incompatibility between the chemistry of the semen and the vaginal environment

The world’s population is estimated to be 7 billion. Mankind is not having a biological problem with procreation and replacement of the specie. Another observation is that the two most populous countries do not typically have men who are well endowed.

Sexual Intercourse for Sexual Gratification

Any of the four phases of the sexual response cycle can very pleasurable. Skilled lovers learn to master all the phases. The four phases are:

  1. Excitement: All senses are heightened by the anticipation and the foreplay. This is the time that should be invested in creating the mood for romance and sexually exciting each other.
  2. Plateau: The sustained pleasure enjoyed from the sexual stimulation can be prolonged by the practice of tantric sex.
  3. Orgasm: The intense release of sexual energies is the orgasm.  Different positions can heighten the intensity of this experience.
  4. Resolution: Is the relaxed somewhat euphoric state that is experienced after orgasm.

Too large can be an issue

There are some couples who have to seek medical advice and even sex therapy when the well-endowed partner is unable to succeed with coitus (penetration). Intercourse can be very painful and unpleasant. Men with this issue need an extra dose of patience and some lubricant.

Be skilled with what you have

The average penis is 3 inches un-erected and about 6 inches when fully erected. Size will always matter to some men and women. It is the skilled lover who will keep “things” excited in the bedroom regardless of how he measures up. Let us turn romance up a notch or two and the world will be indeed a happier.

Hello_docja, Readers Bureau, contributor

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