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Seeking To Start A Business?

The execution or the implementation of a business plan is not an easy walk in the park as some people may think or make it out to be.

It takes guts, persistence, and drive.

Photo credit: Deskmag
Photo credit: Deskmag

That said, it all starts with an idea and that idea must be to bring solutions to problems or meet the needs that people have or experience in the daily course of their lives.

Now, here is how some of the world practitioners go about producing and executing their ideas:

Daniel Ek (Spotify): “I question a lot of things…given everything you have today, is there a way we can make this better?”

James Altucher (Stockpickr): “If I’m not coming up with ideas every day then my idea muscle will atrophy. The good news, after 6 months of doing this you’re like a machine of ideas”

Steve Wozniak (Apple): “I built things for fun, for fun is one of the key things because that drives you to think and think and think to make it better and better than you ever would if you’re doing it for a company”

Danae Ringelmann (Indiegogo): “don’t think about what is the quickest way to success, think about what is the best way to build something important, that the world really needs”

Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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