Seeking To Boost Fertility?

Simple things — diet, timing of sex, even your lubricant — may help you conceive faster.

If you’re like most couples who are trying to conceive, you want to get pregnant sooner rather than later.

Having intercourse as close as possible to ovulation helps.

However, fertility experts posit the view that there are other ways couples can boost their fertility.

A few simple measures may make the next month the month you’ll jump for joy shouting — “pregnant at last! thank God, we are pregnant at last!”

1. If you are having difficulty getting pregnant, the first step is to see a doctor who can ensure that the timing and frequency of your intercourse is sufficient to cause pregnancy. If that is the case, then a sperm test will be ordered to check for abnormalities.

2. If you suspect you have an infection, get it treated right away and always practice safe sex.

3. Control all chronic illnesses, especially diabetes, which can affect the ability to have and maintain an erection.

4. Stop smoking, as this also can affect sperm amount and quality.

5. Avoid environmental toxins, so check with your doctor if you work/live around chemicals, toxins or radiation, as these can affect sperm production.

6. Excess alcohol can affect the ability to achieve and maintain an erection, so avoid this as well.

7. Heat can reduce sperm production, so avoid exposing the testicles to excessive heat by wearing loose-fitting clothing and underwear, and avoiding long hot baths/Jacuzzis, or sitting for prolonged periods.

8. Check with your doctor about the medications you are taking, as some of them can affect sexual desire or cause impotence.

9. Avoid foods and chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen found in some soy products, certain plastics, pesticides and animal products.

10. Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy, balanced diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables and antioxidants.

11. Avoid excessive exercise and steroid use, as these negatively affect fertility by decreasing sperm production.

12. Maintain an ideal body weight, as obesity and excess fat tissue, can contribute to poor fertility.

13. Maintain good mental health, as stress, anxiety, and depression can negatively affect libido and cause impotence.

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