Searching For Answers

The questions you were prepared to lay bare to the stars but for the foggy drizzle that deepened the dark may still be answered if you are not persuaded to futility.

One can argue successfully to one’s detriment that the evidence stacked against outweighs, and what follows in our train of thoughts is a recognition of a dire futility of care.  And that frees us to concede defeat for victory was never on the cards.

Our questions to the stars about our future on a moonless night with nary a cloud were weighted to a favorable answer for all the evidence so far stacked against us. In other words, we are swayed, not to futility but by futility as an original idea. The stark indictments to which we raise our Amen are our agreements after it was pointed out to us that we are naked.

This presents an intriguing dilemma where we conclude with a verdict that concurs with the suggestion of inadequacy and the thick wet blankets, whether they were forecasted or not, are obstacles and proof that gloom precedes doom.

With this mindset guiding our train of thoughts, we are engineers railroading our crash. The issues of nakedness that we now conclude as facts were never so. They never are. What exists are the products of our misled thoughts.

The thickness of our wet blankets is immaterial to the stars’ answer. For they shine a light from a distant past to remind rather than to reveal the secrets of our horizons construed from our possibility rather than hindered by alleged nakedness.

You can ask the stars will I be this? Will I be that? They twinkle; their infuriating encouragement that sets us to wonder. And yes, “You Can”

Set that to music. And conduct that ferocious and creative symphony. Never be persuaded to futility. A fog is not a bog unless your lie becomes your truth. Be Amazing.

Peter Peterkin, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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