Samuels Calls For WICB To Act

As An Agent For Players

Jamaica and West Indies batting star Marlon Samuels has suggested that West Indies Cricket Board expand their role by acting as an agent for players.

Cricket Ball“If you want a win, win situation where the board gets richer, the player gets richer, and everybody is happy… the board needs to act as an agent,” said Samuels.

Samuels posited the view that the WICB has the product and they ought to maximize its use rather than allow other people to exploit and benefit from it at the expense of the WICB.

“You [WICB] have the product, so what are you doing with the product, you make other people using the product and making millions of dollars off the product, the players are the product,” added Samuels.

He believes that the West Indies should capitalize on the opportunity that players afford in playing in international leagues.

“So, act as an agent and send out your best players to continue to play in different tournaments and get a percentage out of it,” continued Samuels.

The enigmatic batsman stated his position on a radio program where the topic ‘West Indies Cricket at a Crossroads” was the subject of discussion.

Samuels insight, however, is not in keeping with West Indies policy which requires players to play local cricket in order to be considered for West Indies International duty.

WICB director Conde Riley, appearing on the same program argued that the senior players are needed to not only aid in the development of the younger players, but also attract sponsors.

“The youngsters take longer to come on that’s why our ODI and Test Cricket is suffering,” Riley contended.

He lamented the fact that there is a void in the local cricket competition as senior players no longer play for their countries.

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