Salt-Free Cooking, Anyone?

Have you ever tried eating food without salt, yuck!

Hold on, do not dismiss the thought so quickly.

Keep in mind that too much salt might raise your chances of things like:

Enlarged heart muscle


Heart failure

High blood pressure

Kidney stones


Stomach cancer

That said, you can explore the world of cooking with salt substitutes and your food would taste just as delicious.

Here goes:

  1. Add a splash of lemon and other citrus fruits, or wine, to soups and other dishes. Or use them as a marinade for chicken and other meats.
  2. Avoid onion or garlic salt. Instead, use fresh garlic and onion, or onion and garlic powder.
  3. Try different types of pepper, including black, white, green, and red.
  4. Experiment with vinegars (white and red wine, rice wine, balsamic, and others). For the most flavor, add it at the end of cooking time.
  5. Toasted sesame oil adds a savory flavor without added salt.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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