Russia Yet To Decide Whether To Invade Or Not?

Western countries have united to cause Russia to rethink its decision on whether to invade Ukraine or not.

Russia announced Tuesday that some troops will be moving back to their home bases after completing exercises, a day after Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told Russian President Vladimir Putin that diplomacy still had a “chance” — and Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said in a CNN’s report that Putin is “willing to negotiate.”

The question of what’s driving Russia’s latest quest has been doing its round in the media space.

According to Richard Haas, Council on Foreign Relations President, it could be due to the weakness perceived by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in U.S. foreign policy.

“I think there is a decent chance that after Afghanistan after Jan 6th, against the last couple of years or 6- 7 years of American foreign policy, Putin might have essentially come to the conclusion that he could amass large amounts of forces on Ukraine border and essentially get away with it, that there would be at most a token Western response,” he said.

“My guess is he got more than he bargained for, and he’s trying to figure out now is, does he go ahead with an intervention? Hass posited.

He added, “If so, of what scale does he look at the diplomacy does he leave forces parked there for some time, but my sense is he underestimated us in part because of Afghanistan and is actually in some ways unhappily surprised with the breadth and depth of the U.S. led Western response.”

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