Russia Hits COVID-19 Daily Record

Russia is in a spot of bother as the COVID-19 cases in the country continue to rise at record levels.

Consequently, President Vladimir Putin has ordered the country to participate in a stay-at-home week to try to slow the spread of the virus.

The country recorded 41,335 new coronavirus cases at the end of the week, according to the country’s coronavirus task force, The Associated Press reported.

The number overtakes the previous week’s record high of 40,993.

Officials have argued that the continuing wave of infection that began weeks ago is due to the country’s low vaccination rate, The AP noted.

Less than 40 percent of the country is vaccinated despite calls from the President and other officials.

“There are only two ways to get over this period – to get sick or to receive a vaccine,” Putin said last month. “It’s better to get the vaccine, why wait for the illness and it’s grave consequences? Please be responsible and take the necessary measures to protect yourself, your health and your close ones.”

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