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Photo credit: Queen Crossing Mall- Rose house.

The Rose House has its origin in Taiwan. It was founded by Robert Huang, an artist celebrated for his exquisite and excellent work in art.

His art pieces are a collector’s item all over the world, and his work has enjoyed tremendous success at international art auctions.

Huang is said to have a great affinity for roses, English afternoon tea, pottery and the art of the rose. Thus, the thrust behind his Rose House chain is the promotion of artistic works as well as afternoon teas.

The Rose House is not only the largest chain of Tea and Art in Taiwan, but also has spread internationally to other countries including the U.S.

The Rose House located in the Queens Crossing Mall in Flushing, New York is not only unique, but it’s like an oasis in the Flushing area as it is the only tea house of its kind in the city.

It is elegantly decked out with nicely polished flooring; beautifully decorated walls depicting different pieces of art and the chandeliers from its ceiling along with other lightings give the place a royal and majestic look.

Moreover, the brightly red color sofas, marble-like tables, cutely designed ottoman chairs, and huge vase of roses offer an air of sophistication that is both pretentious and flattering.

In addition, the neatly packed shelves of teas and crockeries set in huge breakfront cabinets which form part of the restaurant sales offer adds to the affluent setting of the place.

The Rose House breeds a sense of royalty with its British setting of tableware that includes crystal glasses, plates, cutleries as well as the menu list of a wide range of teas and varieties of snacks that cover sandwiches, waffles, cakes, and ice-cream, among others.

The dining experience is set behind classical and contemporary instrumental music and this certainly adds to the aura and comfort of the Rose House.

It also has two secluded rooms that provide ample space for customers who are interested in engaging in private meetings.

The wait staff does not only exhibit a business-like attitude, but are neatly dressed, friendly, courteous, and polite – all are university or college trained.

The food and tea are premium priced. This is apparently consistent with the market positioning and strategy of the place.

The Rose House is flocked by customers from all age groups not only because of its ambience, but also a place that one can easily find solitude, rest, and relaxation.

Although the reviews from customers on the food, price, and service are mixed, the unanimous agreement is “The Rose House setting is elegant, posh, and pompous in style.”

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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