Roberts — Young Windies Cricketers Don’t Want To Put In The Hard Work

Former West Indies fast bowler Sir Andy Roberts is unhappy with the effort being put in by the current Windies’ players.

The 69-year-old Roberts has charged that the players are not prepared to do the heavy lifting to reap success.

“I don’t think that these guys are prepared for the hard work that fast bowling entails,” said Roberts on the Barbados radio program Mason and Guest.

He said that most of the players prefer to play “lick it” cricket because it did not require much effort.

“If you look at it, most players now prefer to play T20s, it’s only four overs.  I must say that fast bowling is hard work, I would say donkey work, but I just believe they are not prepared,” opined Roberts.

He said the complaint about pitches being lifeless is sheer foolishness and a cop-out.

“A lot of people blame the pitches, but I always ask, Pakistan is supposed to have some of the slowest pitches in the world, yet still they produce some of the fastest bowlers in the world.  How do they do it and we can’t,” Roberts questioned.

Additionally, he said people have the mistaken notion that pitches were fast during the Windies glory days and therefore easier for fast bowlers.

“People believe that during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, we used to have really fast pitches, that is far from the truth.” 

He said back then it was one of application, discipline, hard work, and commitment.

We used to have Kensington Oval, the ball used to swing around and move off the seam on the first day, but after that, it became one of the best batting pitches in the region.

Furthermore, he poured scorn on the work ethics of today’s players.

“It has nothing to do with pitches; it has a lot to do with the work ethics of the young cricketers; they don’t want to work hard,” said Roberts.

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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