RIU Could Add Another Property Soon

Regional Director of Operations at RIU, Frank Sondern, says that with Jamaica’s economic climate stable and investor-friendly, the company could soon be looking to add another property to its growing tally.

Mr. Sondern said that RIU, the largest hotel in the island with over 4,000 rooms, enjoys a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship with Jamaica and could soon be looking to add to its recently opened RIU Palace Aquarelle in Falmouth, Trelawny.

“If the economic climate remains as it is now, then we could be in search of another location [as time goes by],” he told JIS News in an interview.

“The RIU Palace Aquarelle is the seventh establishment of the hotel chain in Jamaica after 23 years of operating here. We have, indeed, invested in renovations, but a brand-new hotel is a totally different project,” Mr. Sondern said.

He noted that the newest addition to the RIU hotel chain has seen an impressive occupancy rate since its grand opening on May 4, adding that the hotel is currently operating at an occupancy rate ranging between 88 per cent and 90 per cent, with projections indicating a strong performance for the remainder of June and heading into July.

Mr. Sondern told JIS News that approximately 99 per cent of the organization’s workforce is comprised of Jamaican employees, with only about one per cent being foreigners.

He noted that due to the dedication and talent of the Jamaican employees, there is no longer a need for external assistance in upholding RIU’s renowned service quality.

With 753 rooms, the RIU Aquarelle resort will boost the room stock of the seaside town [Falmouth] but also offer guests a “luxurious and unforgettable” vacation experience, Mr. Sondern said.

“With our dedicated team of Jamaican employees, the hotel stands as a testament to RIU’s success in providing world-class hospitality experiences, while contributing positively to the local community and economy. With our stunning ocean views and commitment to excellence, RIU Aquarelle is set to remain a premier destination for travelers seeking a memorable stay in the heart of Jamaica,” he added.

Source: JIS

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