Rings – A Fashion Statement

Rings — You see them daily, matching evening dresses as well as quietly sitting on fingers, silently adding to the flair of one’s look.

Rings are sometimes sassy, sometimes bold and loud, and sometimes classy and elegant.

Today, finely crafted rings are an essential part of an outfit that one cannot afford go without, fashionista or not.

Most rings are… ring-shaped, crafted with the near-perfect round shape in mind, decorated with precious gems such as diamonds or jade.

However, unfortunately, those are not going to be the subject of this discussion.

The focus will be on uniquely designed and crafted rings that come in various shapes and colors to the extent that each piece has a strong personality of its own.

Wearing these may require not only bravery but a bit of spunk.

First, there are rings which reflect the essence, curiosity and intricacy of  Mother Nature, demonstrating stunning craftsmanship.

# Animal Delights:

Aminal delight

Animal rings are versatile in style thus adding an instant appeal to one’s fashion.

Besides the fingers highlights, animal rings mix one’s daily casual chic appeal with a sassy touch, and professional business wear with personality. Donning these, add creativity to one’s outfit and style.

#Simple Objects:

Simple objectSo, do you need a sun shaped, sunflower shaped, snake shaped or two-piece asymmetric ring clam shells shaped ring? If one can think it, it can be had today.

Object rings like those shown are easier on the eyes than the vivid animal rings, in that their personalities are normally hidden, yet can be complemented by the personality of the wearer.

Be it the twisted rope ring, or the screw top-like woven cap ring, simply put, object rings compared to the animal ring do exactly the opposite to the power of one’s outfit. They are mostly neutral and highly flexible in terms of style and creativity.

#Jungle Attitude:

Jungle AttitudeFinally, plant rings — these are touch of class and glow feminism. They may be viewed as the exclusive domain of the female species.

Whether it is the flashy peacock floral ring, the quiet garden of spring and summer flower ring, or the tranquil botanical double leaf ring, plant rings offer that special appeal when worn with one’s favourite outfit from maxi to business suit. They fit various occasions and certainly add to a classy look.

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