Republican Presidential Candidates Quotable Quotes


Photo Credit: Republican Party - http://gop.com/.
Photo Credit: Republican Party – http://gop.com/.

When politicians hit the campaign trail or participate in debates, they generally try to pull the wool over people’s eyes to not only win their confidence but also their votes.

In fact, many of the speeches politicians make while out on the stump are filled with half-truths, statistics, and damn lies.

Unfortunately, however, in many instances they have not been held accountable because of an undiscerning populace as well as a press that would rather support the establishment or status quo.

Now, here is an exercise for you to do:

Fill-in-the-blank with the names of the Republican Candidates who said the following:

  1. Five major agencies that I would eliminate: IRS, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Energy, the Department of Commerce and HUD _______________________________________
  2. I want a government really, really small. So small you can barely see it


  1. I’ve built an unbelievable company worth billions and billions of dollars. I don’t have to hear from this man ______________________________
  2. It’s not just about replacing a Democrat with a Republican, it’s about changing the status quo _____________________________________
  3. First of all, thank you for not asking me what I said in the 10th grade, I appreciate that ____________________________________________
  4. For the 11 million people — come on, folks. We all know you can’t pick them up and ship them back across the border. It’s a silly argument. It’s not an adult argument ______________________________________________
  5. They’re doing high fives in the Clinton campaign right now when they hear this ____________________________________________________
  6. Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers ______________________________________________
  7. The government has no business knowing how much money we make and how we made it. It’s none of their business _________________________
  8. If you listen to Hillary Clinton, she’s made it very clear. She believes she can make decisions for you better than you can make them for yourself


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