Republican Leaders Buying Trump’s Sales Pitch

Faster Than Usain Bolt’s Olympic Run

Two quotes that are often cited in political circles to illustrate the behavior of people who seek to wield power over the masses are:

Photo Credit: Republican Party - http://gop.com/.
Photo Credit: Republican Party – http://gop.com/.

One, “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable — the art of the next best,” by Otto von Bismarck, Prussian and German statesman of the 19th century.

Two,” Politics makes strange bedfellow” a saying adapted from a line in the play, The Tempest, by William Shakespeare: “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows.

Now, fast forward to today, and reflect on what has been happening in the Republican Party over the past week or more.

Here, one sees political leaders, technocrats, and pundits who were once diametrically opposed to the candidacy of Donald Trump as the presidential nominee for the Republican Party now rallying and coalescing around him despite his contrarian views to the fundamental core values of the Republican Party.

Given the current scenario, it seems power trumps principles, core values, and policies.

In fact, the present situation is tantamount to prominent past Republican members of Congress including Dan Burton of Indiana; Helen Chenoweth of Idaho; and Henry Hyde of Illinois, all lead advocates for Bill Clinton impeachment, but it was soon discovered that they too all had their own  infidelities which was to be later exposed.

It therefore begs the question is the G.O.P. made up of people of principles or is it one of convenience?

Over the heated campaign period, these are some of the views leaders of the Republican Party had of Trump.

“This guy is a choke artist,” Rubio said of Trump.

“You’re the only person on this stage that’s ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project illegally,” Rubio also told Trump.

“If he hadn’t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan,” Rubio further said.

On the other hand, Ted Cruz referred to Trump as a “serial philanderer,” “pathological liar,” and a “narcissist.”

“Here’s what I know: Donald Trump is a phony, a fraud,” said former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Romney said. “His [Trump] promises are as worthless as a degree from Trump University. He’s playing members of the American public for suckers: He gets a free ride to the White House, and all we get is a lousy hat.”

Romney said that “dishonesty is Donald Trump’s hallmark,” pointing to his “bullying, the greed, the showing off, the misogyny, the absurd third-grade theatrics.”

“There is a danger that if we continue to laud so much attention on basically someone whose level of discourse is that of junior high, I think there’s a problem, there’s a great risk for the country,” said Republican Senator Rand Paul.

The flipside, Donald Trump met with the U.S. House Speaker Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell Senate Majority Leader as well as many other Party leaders and it’s all kumbaya — make America great again.

“We had a very good and encouraging, productive conversation,” Ryan, the top elected Republican in the United States, told reporters at his weekly news conference.

So, forget the hypocrisy, a marriage of convenience has taken place and the people will eat cake, come November 2016.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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