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Reddit Seeks To Push The Envelope By Launching News Site

Reddit  Seeks To PushPopular website Reddit is seeking to leverage its social community and traffic by launching its own news site, called

The site will feature news stories, info graphics, illustrations, videos, and podcasts as well as sports, entertainment, science, and lifestyle issues, among others.

“The stuff our community creates on a daily basis blows our mind,” Reddit says. “Unfortunately, rather than telling that story, some news outlets take our users’ content and repackage it as their own. They don’t tell the back story of our communities. We think our users’ stories need to be told, but with them at the center of it.”

According to the company, Upvoted’s stories will be written by a small editorial team, led by former Myspace editorial director Vickie Chang, and a team of around ten who will find stories on Reddit, verify the details, interview the original posters, and then write articles for Upvoted.

At launch, the site will share around 10 to 20 stories a day, but eventually they hope to post closer to 40.

“Everything will have a direct tie back to Reddit,” says Chang. “I want to find the tiny thread that connects it back to Reddit.”

The site is also an opportunity for Reddit to test out new ways of bringing in ad revenue—but it won’t serve traditional banner ads or pop-ups. (“No one wants to see that,” Chang says.) Rather it will post sponsored content paid for and approved by advertising partners—and written by the same editorial team that writes editorial posts.

“They’re going to be just as interesting as actual content,” Chang says. “It could be a piece on Tesla, a piece on how WiFi works, no matter what it’ll be good content—and it’ll just happen to be sponsored.”

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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