Ramnaresh Sarwan Calls For Changes In Player Selection

Newly appointed West Indies selector Ramnaresh Sarwan has called for changes in player selection.

The former West Indies captain said that the current player pool is not large enough to be fielding three separate teams.

“I don’t think our pool is that big in terms of the quality of players we produced to have three separate teams,” said Sarwan.

He further argued that “all of the players that are participating now” should be considered for all formats of the game.

Additionally, he said players must maintain physical fitness as it doesn’t make sense the coaches work with them when they come to play, and going back home, “they are back to square one.”

Sarwan and lead selector Desmond Haynes will select the first squads for the India tour next month.

Sarwan and Haynes recently replaced Roger Harper and Miles Bascombe on the selection panel.

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