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Rally Round The Windies

Windies cricket fans have not had the joy of seeing their team win consistently over the past twenty years.

Consequently, harping back to the good old days has now become a chorus among cricket fans.

The fact is fans today yearn for stars but are instead burdened with cash cows.

Additionally, at present, players of instruments and writers of songs have not had cause to sing or write about the current crop of players.

This is regrettable as it is artists who are charged with the responsibility of recording history in songs so that it can be passed on from one generation to the next.

Currently, one sees Windies cricket being described as dung heap, calls for the dismantling of the West Indies cricket Board, and a go it alone mantra.

That said, one cannot afford to throw in the towel, and as noted in the Bible a living dog is better than a dead lion.

So, let’s keep hope alive by reflecting on the following:

1. Rally Round the West Indies

 Encouraging support for the West Indies team

— David Rudder

2. Cricket Lovely Cricket

 Lovely cricket down in Guyana

— Terry Gajraj

3. Sir Garfield Sobers

 Sobers – greatest cricketer on earth. “Australia you lost” the series

— The Mighty Sparrow

4. V for Victory

 Yes it’s bound to go down in history

— Young Growler

5. Gavaskar

 They couldn’t out Gavaskar at all

— Lord Relator

6. The Ashes (Australia vs MCC)

 (Frank) Tyson taught them a lesson

— Lord Kitchener

7. Cricket Champions

 England must understand we are the champions

— Lord Kitchener

8. Vivian Richards

No bowler holds a terror for Vivian Richards

— Lord Short Shirt

9. Cricket Lovely Cricket

With those little pals of mine: Ramadhin and Valentine

— Lord Beginner

10. Water Lillee

 Inaugural World Cup 1975.About the bowling of Dennis Lillee: “They beat you like a bobolee.

Lord Kitchener

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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