Putting AI To The Test

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new big thing, and more and more people are seeking to capitalize on its use.

My curiosity got the better of me, so I asked it to write a cute story about the adventures of a puppy.

Below is what AI submits, and it’s left up to you to do the grading:

Spot was a curious and playful puppy who loved to explore the world around him. He lived with his human family in a cozy house with a big backyard. Every day, he would wake up early and run outside to see what new things he could find.

One day, he saw a butterfly fluttering by. He chased it across the lawn, trying to catch it with his paws. He followed it to the fence, where he saw a hole that he had never noticed before. He peeked through the hole and saw a whole new world on the other side. There were trees and flowers and birds and squirrels. He wondered what it would be like to go there.

He squeezed through the hole and ran into the forest. He smelled the fresh air and felt the grass under his feet. He heard the sounds of animals and insects. He was so excited that he forgot about the butterfly. He ran from one thing to another, sniffing and licking and barking.

He came across a pond where he saw a frog sitting on a lily pad. He jumped into the water and tried to catch the frog, but it hopped away. He splashed around in the water, enjoying the coolness. He saw a fish swimming by and chased it, but it was too fast for him. He got out of the water and shook himself dry.

He continued his exploration and found a pile of leaves. He burrowed into them and made himself a cozy nest. He rolled around in them and threw them in the air. He felt something tickle his nose and sneezed. He looked up and saw a squirrel staring at him from a branch. He barked at the squirrel and tried to climb the tree, but he slipped and fell.

He got up and ran after the squirrel, who led him to a clearing where he saw a group of puppies playing with each other. They were different colors and sizes, but they all looked happy and friendly. Spot wagged his tail and joined them. They welcomed him and invited him to play with them. They played tag and tug-of-war, and hide-and-seek. They shared their toys and treats. Spot had so much fun that he forgot about everything else.

He played with them until the sun started to set. He realized that it was getting dark and that he had been gone for a long time. He wondered if his human family was worried about him. He said goodbye to his new friends and promised to come back soon. He ran back to the hole in the fence and squeezed through it.

He saw his human family waiting for him at the door. They looked relieved and happy to see him. They hugged him and kissed him, and scolded him gently for running away. They gave him his dinner and his favorite toy. They told him that they loved him and that he was their good boy.

Spot felt sorry for making them worry, but he also felt happy for having such an amazing adventure. He decided that he would go back to the forest again someday, but only with their permission. He curled up on his bed and dreamed of his new friends.

He was a curious and playful puppy who loved to explore the world around him.

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