Prophecy And World War

In a global environment where Europe seems to be sliding into another recession, Islamic militants running rampage in the middle east, continuing conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza, Russian fighting troops biting at the bits to cross the Ukraine border and the spreading of Ebola virus disease in a number of countries in Africa, it is not surprising to find pundits showing up at various media outlets to make apocalyptic predictions.

The fact is current events throughout the world have certainly created a cocktail mix for pontification about the future from all and sundry.

Already prophecy expert John Hogue is alluding to an impending World War.

Speaking on the radio program coast to coast, he charged that the prophecies of Nostradamus, Stormberger, and other prominent seers describe what we’re currently experiencing, and some of the outcomes look like thermonuclear war and the massive loss of life on Earth.

world warHogue pointed to the recent 100th anniversary of the First World War, the implication of Russia’s involvement in the shoot down of Malaysian Airline as events that could lead to the start of another Cold War with Russia.

He also cited Matthias Stormberger, a peasant mystic and cow herder from Rabenstein, Germany, who made prophecies in the late 1700, which accurately foresaw such events as WWI and WWII.

He further cited the vision of St. Odile, the 7th century nun who reportedly made the following prediction regarding World War III,”There will come a time when war will break out, more terrible than all other wars combined, which have ever visited mankind. A horrible warrior will unleash it, and his adversaries will call him Antichrist. All nations of the earth will fight each other in this war. The fighters will rise up to the heavens to take the stars and throw them on the cities, to set ablaze the buildings and to cause immense devastations…”

Hogue opines that the “The doomsday body count” seen by various seers including Nostradamus is that 2/3 of the human race will be destroyed in a massive world war.

He added further that Edgar Cayce, whose visions of the future mostly concerned Earth changes, saw a devastated New York City from an airship in the year 2100.

Cayce was not certain whether the devastation was from natural causes or war. Yet, the dire outcomes of these seers’ prophecies are not written in stone and humankind can still make choices to avert these events, Hogue posited.

Yvad Billings Readers Bureau, Fellow