President Trump Takes Credit For Pushing Kavanaugh Across The Line

President Trump credited himself for getting Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmed, claiming that after he mocked accuser Christine Blasey Ford at a campaign-like rally “it started to sail through.”

“Well, there were a lot of things happening that weren’t correct, they weren’t true and there were a lot of things that were left unsaid,” Trump said in a Fox News interview.

And this is how Trump believed the game was won:

‘What neighborhood was it in?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Where’s the house?’ ‘I don’t know.’ ‘Upstairs, downstairs, where was it?’ ‘I don’t know, but I had one beer.’ ‘That’s the only thing I remember,’” Trump said.

The Senate confirmed Kavanaugh by a 50-48 vote Saturday afternoon.

Nigel Belle, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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