President Trump Hits Out At Venezuela On Its Independence Day

Venezuela is the first Spanish colony in South America to declare independence.

The country marked its national independence every year on July 5 — the anniversary since the enactment of the 1811 Declaration of Independence.

The country has plunged into a deepened economic and political crisis over the past ten years with no end in view. 

The U.S. and several other Western nations continued to wrestle the country to the ground to get rid of the ruling President Nicolás Maduro, they deemed as a dictator, corrupt, and an illegitimate ruler.

On the country’s 209th anniversary of the Venezuelan Declaration of Independence, President Trump reiterated his view on the country’s current administration.

He said, the United States reaffirmed its solidarity with the people of Venezuela and charged that “The Venezuelan people are suffering under an illegitimate and tyrannical regime intent on destroying democratic institutions, abusing human rights, engaging in rampant corruption, and exploiting the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in recent history.”

He also said, “The United States has great hope for the people of Venezuela. Through their perseverance and courage, Venezuela will attain true independence.”

And he concluded, “My Administration will always stand against socialism.”

Nigel Bell, Readers Bureau, Contributor

Edited by Jesus Chan

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