President Obama: Where Are The Naysayers?

Photo Credit : The Official White House - President Obama.
Photo Credit : The Official White House – President Obama.

President Obama at a press conference on Thursday has called out naysayers who had criticized the deal made with Iran in getting them to abandon their nuclear weapons program.

He said, “You will recall that there were all these horror stories about how Iran was gonna cheat and this wasn’t gonna work and Iran was gonna get $150 billion to finance terrorism and all these kinds of scenarios, and none of them have come to pass.”

He said none of what was predicted by opposing politicians and technocrats have come to pass.

“And it’s not just the assessment of our intelligence community, it’s the assessment of the Israeli military and intelligence community, the country that was most opposed to this deal that acknowledges this has been a game changer and that Iran has abided by the deal and that they no longer have the sort of short-term breakout capacity that would allow them to develop nuclear weapons,” the President said.

He questioned the silence of those people who berated the deal and bemoaned the fact they have not come forward to confess they that were wrong in their judgment of the situation.

“Why not have some of these folks that were predicting disaster say, ‘You know what, this thing actually worked’?

“That would be a shock. That would be impressive. If some of these folks who had said the sky is falling suddenly said ‘you know what, we were wrong and we’re glad that Iran no longer has the capacity to break out in short term and develop a nuclear weapon.’ But of course that wasn’t going to happen,” the President added.

Yvad Billings , Readers Bureau, Fellow

 Edited by Jesus Chan

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