President Obama Takes Action To Spur Competition In The Airline Industry

President Obama in his weekly address commended employees in the airline industry for the hard and diligent work they continue to give to customers.

President ObamaHe noted that over the past eight years his administration has taken steps to make the system work more efficiently and effectively.

“We’ve required airlines to grant travelers more flexibility on cancellations; to provide refunds to anyone who cancels within 24 hours of purchase; and to give you better compensation if you got bumped off your flight because it was oversold,” the President said.

Moreover, he said that his administration has even gone further in allowing for greater competition within the marketplace accordingly:

“First, we’re proposing refunds for anyone whose bag is delayed – because you shouldn’t have to pay extra for a service you don’t even receive.  Second, we’re requiring airlines to report more information on things like how likely it is that you’ll lose your luggage or reach your destination on time.  Third, we’re providing more protections for travelers with disabilities.  And finally, we’re ramping up transparency requirements for online ticket platforms – so sites can’t privilege one airline over another without you knowing about it.”

The President argued that the common sense steps proposed by his administration should help people make better decisions and avoid some of the headaches which now commonly obtain.

“It’s another example of how government can be a force for good – standing up for consumers; ensuring businesses compete fairly to give you the best services at the best prices; and making sure everyday Americans have a voice in the conversation – not just corporate shareholders.  That’s what this is all about – taking steps, big and small, that can make your life a little bit better,” the President concluded.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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