President Obama Seeks New Pathways To Economic Growth

President Obama Seeks New PathwaysThe President in an address this week said that over the past five years more than 12 million new private sector jobs have been created, over 16 million Americans have  gained health insurance,  more jobs in clean energy,  greater number of kids graduating from high school and college than ever before.

He noted, however, that in a relentlessly-changing economy, there is more work to be done.

One of the things that should be done he said is rewriting the rules of global trade to benefit American workers and American businesses.

“I think we should write those rules before China does.  That’s why I’ve been working with Congress to pass new, 21st century trade agreements with standards that are higher and protections that are tougher than any past trade agreement,” said the President.

“I believe it’s what will give us the competitive edge in a new economy, or I wouldn’t be doing it,” he added.

The President lamented the fact that several Members of Congress disagree with him. This he said has resulted in the stalling of the trade bill along with a lot of other good ideas that would create jobs.

“But America doesn’t stand still.  That’s why on issue after issue where Congress has failed to act, my administration has partnered with mayors and governors across the country to advance economic priorities that most working families in America are in favor of right now,” he said.

He listed the following as part of his administration success:

17 states and six major cities have raised the minimum wage for their workers

19 cities have enacted paid sick days, and five states have enacted paid sick days or paid family leave

34 states have increased funding for quality Pre-K

19 cities and states have signed up for  a new TechHire initiative to train workers for the high-wage, high-skill jobs of tomorrow – the kind of jobs that new trade deals would help create

“Some of these victories have been small.  Some have been quiet.  But they’ve added up to a big difference for working families across America.  And that’s what matters to me.  Because it matters to you,” the President concluded.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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