President Obama Calls For Responsible Budget From Congress

Will they?

President Obama, in his weekly address, noted that seven years after the worst economic crisis experienced by this generation, the U.S. economy continues to not only grow, but also create millions of jobs.

However, he said that for the momentum to keep going then everybody must play their part as this will offer a sense of security and provide just reward for working families.

Photo Credit: The White House.
Photo Credit: The White House.

“That’s why my Administration has been partnering with states and cities to help grow the middle class.  Over the past few years, nearly 20 cities and counties have implemented paid sick days.  Six states have enacted paid sick days or paid family leave.  Seventeen states and more than two dozen cities and counties have raised their minimum wage.  All of this will help working families.  And across the country, folks are proving that preparing all our kids for the future doesn’t have to be a partisan issue.  Seattle, a city with a Democratic mayor, just passed universal pre-k, while Indianapolis, a city with a Republican mayor, is starting citywide preschool scholarships.  All told, 34 states have increased funding for preschool.  And that’s good for all of us,” said President Obama.

The President berated Congress for having left town for five full weeks without attending to their duty.

He said, “For the first time ever, Congress failed to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.  That left thousands of business owners and their employees at a serious disadvantage compared to their competitors overseas.”

He lamented the fact that such negligence by Congress is neither good for jobs nor the economy.

He also stated that when Congress returns from recess, reauthorizing the bank should be one of their top priorities.

Moreover, he said Congress hasn’t passed a budget and noted that when they return from vacation, they will only have a few weeks to do so, or shut down the government for the second time in two years.

“They’ve had all year to do this.  Months ago, I put forward a detailed plan to strengthen our economy and our national security in a fiscally responsible way.  And for months, I’ve said I will veto any budget that locks in the sequester—those senseless cuts to domestic and national security priorities,” he declared.

“Remember, we can’t cut our way to prosperity.  We should be investing in things that help our economy grow today and tomorrow, like education or infrastructure or scientific research,” he continued.

He underscored the fact that Democrats in Congress have already expressed their willingness to mutually work with Republicans for the benefits of the country.

“After all, Americans expect Congress to help keep our country strong and growing – not threaten to shut down our government.  When Congress gets back, they should prevent a shutdown, pass a responsible budget, and prove that this is a country that looks forward – a country that invests in our future, and keeps our economy growing for all Americans,” the President concluded.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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