President Obama Pooh-Poohs Congress Quest For New Sanctions Against Iran

President Obama LamentsPresident Obama, straight up, declares that he has no intention of imposing new sanctions on Iran as long as peaceful diplomatic talks are in train. He also dismisses any proposal towards further sanctions.

In response to the question of new sanctions by a reporter at a joint press conference with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron, President Obama bluntly said, “I will veto a bill that comes to my desk.”

“There is no good argument for us to undercut, undermine the negotiations until they play out,” Obama added.

The President said he does not question the good faith of some people that additional sanctions may be helpful. He, however, said that his team is currently at the negotiation table and progress is being made.

Therefore, talk in Congress, at this time for new sanctions against Iran is counterproductive.

“Congress needs to show patience,” Obama said.

If a deal is not reached, with assurances that Iran could not obtain a nuclear weapon, “I would be the first one to come to Congress to say we need to tighten the screws,” Obama further said.

President Obama also argued that imposing new sanctions at this time, not only violate an interim agreement reached last year, but also deepen recriminations, and heighten the risk of a military confrontation.

Davy Desmond  Readers Bureau, Fellow

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