Positioning A Company’s Brand

Company BrandIn today’s competitive marketing environment, companies must choose the competitive advantages upon which they want to position their product or service in order to maintain any degree of success.

This full mix of benefits or solutions on which a company’s product or service is differentiated and positioned within the marketplace is referred to as the brand value proposition.

It provides customers with insights on what makes one company’s brand uniquely different from others.

It is argued that there are five winning value propositions upon which companies can position their products. These include:

1) More for more

This positioning strategy involves charging a little more in price for a premium or upscale product or service.

2) More for same

Offering a comparable quality product at a lower price is a strategic way of stealing a march on the competitor.

3) The same for less

Many consumers are very price sensitive and they shop for deals wherever they can find it. Therefore, companies may find this value proposition a winnable one, given a changing marketplace.

4) Less for much less

Offering “less for much less” is down the alley of many consumers as many of them do not mind paying a little less in exchange for a little lower performance or a lower quality product.

5) More for less

This is a lofty value proposition as well as the winning value positioning strategy that many companies seek to have. For the consumer, getting more and paying less represent the best deal.

Ultimately, however, a company’s brand positioning strategy must match the needs and wants of its target market.

Yvad Billings,Readers Bureau,Fellow

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