Parenting In Jamaica Has Fallen On Stony Ground

The call by the President of the West Jamaica Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Churches, Pastor Glen Samuels on Jamaican mothers to set their priorities straight, is an apt one.

The fact of the matter, today far too many children are brought up in an uncaring and hostile environment bred by both parents.

The culture of materialism has trapped parents to the extent that it is the bling that counts in the order of priorities.

Certainly, the goodly pastor’s challenge rings true, “I say to my young sisters, before you hand over $30,000 for a good hairstyle, take $1,500 and buy a book for your child and one for yourself. Because [I am] without fear, I will say it again: that which is inside your head must be more important than that which is on top of the head. You can’t go to the hairdresser today and spend $30,000, and then tomorrow you ask the Church to give you lunch money for the child. That is a misplaced priority.”

“And part of the problem affecting the youngsters of our country is that they have not ordered their priorities right.”

The truth of the matter as Pastor Samuels rightly argued is “the heart of the problem in our country can be traced to the heart of home life in this nation.”

“Most of those who are guilty of anti-social behavior and vicious, barbaric crimes are youngsters who have never been properly parented. And until we fix the problem in our homes to the extent, more bloodshed will soak Jamaica, land we love” — that my dear sir is the crux of the matter.

Many parents have failed their children as a result of sheer selfishness and neglect, and one is left to wonder, why bring children into the world if they cannot be nurtured and cared for properly.

Now, until the leadership of the country and civil society begin to speak truth to the carelessness of parenting the vicious cycle of poverty and crime will continue to let loose upon the land.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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