PAHO — A Decrease In Severe Cases of COVID-19 In Member States

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director, Dr. Carissa Etienne, member countries have experienced a fall in severe coronavirus (COVID-19) cases.

Speaking during PAHO’s COVID -19 digital briefing earlier in the week, she said data indicate that “fewer [infected] people are being hospitalized and fewer require intensive care than before.”

Dr. Etienne said the reduction is due, in part, to regional countries’ “growing knowledge” of the virus and how to manage critically ill patients.

“It is also a credit to the work of governments across our region that acted quickly to expand laboratory networks, increase hospital beds, and hire and train healthcare workers,” she added.

She noted that her organization has helped member countries strengthen their healthcare systems and arrest some of the pandemic effects.

She further noted that PAHO has been proactive by hosting more than 160 training programs, delivered more than 17 million COVID-19 PCR tests, as well as “millions” of gloves, gowns, and masks to keep health workers safe.

“When hospitals are able to cope and manage patients, there are fewer deaths. These efforts have helped save thousands of lives and will continue to protect countless more,” the PAHO Director emphasized.

Against this background, Dr. Etienne thanked healthcare workers across the region and countries globally “for their dedication and commitment, especially as many of them have had to work under difficult conditions”.

To date, the global number of confirmed COVID-19 cases was over 17 million, with deaths amounting to more than 574,000

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