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Public Servants – Serving Or Swerving In Ferguson?

There are things we do that contradict us in the end. They point us to an anomaly in how we think and act. However, not all the ramblings of a Monday morning quarterback are crystal clear in the turgid play of an illegal hold or even benign pass interference. We don’t have the benefit of a replay in many cases, […]


Hey Dude Don’t Be A Coach Potato Get Serious About Your Health

Much has been written about the poor health seeking habits of men. A visit to the doctor is not greeted with the same enthusiasm as a ball game. Nevertheless, we aim to get you guys sufficiently motivated to take that first step and make the appointment to see a healthcare professional. Globally, women live longer than men. What accounts for […]


Barbados Set To Get Royal Sandals’ Treatment

Sandals Resort is set to launch its first Sandals Resort in Barbados on January 28, 2015. In its bid to entice ‘holidayers,’ the resort is pulling out all the stops which involves a $65 million dollar facelift to its property. This accounts for a wide-ranging renovations that includes a total refurbishment of the resort’s 280 existing rooms, the introduction of […]


The Internet Turning Banking Business Upside Down In China

The Internet is a global game changer and has revolutionized the way in which business is conducted today. Its impact and significance have not been lost on China, a country with over 1.3 billion people. There is now a paradigm shift in the way people are doing banking in China. “The Internet has changed the way traditional financial institutions operate […]

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TV Ratings Count

Yes, TV ratings matter and Fox News Channel certainly made it count during the coverage of the midterm elections. It was the most-watched network — on broadcast and on cable. The network outfoxed CNN and MSNBC in both total viewers and within the 25-54 age group demographics, combined during primetime hours. That said, all the cable networks took a shellacking […]


Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good

Teresa Bocanegra writing on provides an interesting take in her review of the book, titled “Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good,” written by Jan Karon. Bocanegra writes thus: Twenty years ago, Jan Karon began her Mitford series withAt Home in Mitford. Now in book ten, Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (over 500 pages and 9 years since the last of the Mitford series), she […]


Kangaroos Mating Act

What goes on in one’s bed bedroom is not only tame to what obtains in the animal kingdom in the wild, but makes for interesting and fascinating reading and observation. Although for the kangaroo, most mating takes place around spring and early summer their mating extend beyond that to an all-year act. Biologist, Emily Miller, of the University of Sydney […]


10 Memorable Business Quotes

Over the years, people have cited or created quotations that have either inspired them or led others to conquer challenges that have faced along life’s journey. Now, below are ten business quotes that shout forget-me-not. 1. Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being. – Kevin Kruse 2. Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, […]


10 Highest Paid Women In Music 2014

Forbes Magazine reports the top-earning women in music for 2014 accordingly: Beyoncé – $115 million Taylor Swift – $64 million Pink – $52 million Rihanna – $48 million Katy Perry – $40 million Jennifer Lopez – $37 million Miley Cyrus – $36 million, tie Celine Dion – $36 million, tie Lady Gaga – $33 million Britney Spears – $20 million […]


A Do Nothing Republican Party Wins Big In Midterm Elections

A lethargic Democratic Party took another shellacking from a do nothing Republic Party which captured control of the Senate thus ensuring them a firm hold on both the Senate and House – ultimately the control of Congress for the next two years. Now, the question is: Will the Republicans give the people base or treble? So far, except in parts, […]