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President Obama Argues For Middle-Class Homeownership

Amidst thunderous applause, in a speech focusing on homeownership and the housing market at Desert Vista High School in Phoenix, Arizona, President Obama laid out his vision for a housing system that promotes the American dream of owning a home. He first outlined some of the steps his administration has taken in addressing some of the vagaries within the market […]


Jamaica Festival Song Competition – An Enduring Legacy

The Festival Song Competition in Jamaica was first started in 1966 and has continued annually until now. Each year, the competition seeks to identify a new and original song that is reflective of the spirit of the Jamaican people. Many artistes have used the competition as a platform to launch and promote their careers. In addition,  it has been used […]


Commencement Speeches

As the academic year draws to an end, students from across the country will be attending graduation ceremonies to have degrees, diplomas, and certificates conferred on them based on their level of training. This is a momentous occasion not only for students but also their parents, families, friends, and teachers. It is a formal affair that is marked with some […]


What Is Balance Of Payments?

The Balance of Payments is defined by as “a record of all transactions made between one particular country and all other countries during a specified period of time. Balance of payments compares the dollar difference of the exports and imports, including all financial exports and imports. A negative balance of payments means more money is flowing out of the country than […]


Weapon Of Words

Today, when one thinks of weapons it is certainly not sticks, stones, clubs, or swords that immediately come to mind let alone words. The tendency is to think of weapons as guns, complicated and sophisticated intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombs, drones, biological, chemical, and cyber weapons, among others. Moreover, one’s thinking is not limited to weapons designed and developed for […]


Ten Women You’re Likely To Meet On Your Journey Through Life

  Men are bound to meet women who can either make a difference in their lives by adding that sugar and spice and all that is nice stuff or those who will bring them nothing but misery, heartaches, and pains. manNow, although it is said that women are from Venus and men are from Mars, one will find that not […]


Chris Gayle – Tallawahs’ Tower Of Strength

Celebrated West Indies opening batting star, and captain of the Tallawahs, Chris Gayle, will seek to lead the Jamaica team to victory when they meet Guyana Amazon Warriors at Providence Stadium in their first Caribbean Premier League T20 competition encounter on August 2nd. Gayle has struggled to put runs on the board recently, with his last 10 innings averaging a […]


Will iPhone 5s Be Here By September?

The launch of any Apple products has always generated anxiety and excitement among consumers in general and Apple worshippers in particular. Speculation is now rife that Apple will launch the iPhone 5S just in time for the back to school shoppers. A report from German blog iFun cited a credible source as saying, the next-generation iPhone will be “coming to […]


Movie One-Liners – Unforgettable

One-liners are short statements or witty remarks used by people to capture the essence of a situation. Over the years, they have been used in movies by actors with telling effect. Today, we would be hard pressed to forget any of these one-liners that have now become part of our cultural vocabulary. “I never forget a face, but in your […]