Over 4 Million Tourists Pump Billions Of Dollars In Jamaica’s Economy

According to the Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, Jamaica not only welcomed a record 4.31 million visitors in 2018 but applauded their contributions to the country’s economy.

“This represents the second year in a row that Jamaica has had more than 4.3 million visitors in a single year,” Mr. Bartlett said at a recent press briefing.

He noted that the country saw an 8.6 percent increase in earnings from US$3 billion in 2017 to US$3.3 billion last year.

Minister Bartlett posited the view that the country is poised to achieve its growth target of $5 billion in revenue from tourism by 2021.

He said the projections are that by the end of the winter season, the country would have earned an additional US$1 billion in tourism revenue since 2016.

“This is a powerful performance because what it means is that we would’ve earned US$1 billion in three years when it took us 40 years to earn the first billion and 17 years to earn the second billion,” he pointed out.

At the same time, Minister Bartlett informed that there is more than US$1 billion in circulation across Jamaica coming directly from tourism.

“Tourism is growing at a phenomenal rate…. The impact of this is seen in the growth of the small and medium enterprises across Jamaica…. The dollar is being retained because more and more of our people are supplying against the demands of the industry,” he said.

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Edited by Jesus Chan

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