One Legislator Resigned From Haiti’s Special Bicameral Commission

Amidst Charge of Favoritism

Amid the brouhaha over the three people named to contest the post of interim head of state, one legislator has resigned from the special Bicameral Commission accusing it of siding with a particular candidate whose election “will expose the country to an unprecedented crisis.”

20 Weird Laws Around The GlobeIn his letter of resignation, Carl Murat Cantave wrote his decision to leave the special Bicameral Commission is “motivated by the shameful allegiance of the majority of members of the Commission in the case of a man whose election will denigrate not only the parliamentary institution but also expose the country to an unprecedented crisis”.

Cantave did not name the individual or say whether or not the person was among the three candidates chosen to contest the post of head of state, he however, said he had spent 52 years building his image and reputation and he cannot in one day, in an act destroy the many constructive acts that he has so far posed and lived for.

“I’m attached to no wealth, to no material possessions, to any kind of relationship, to any honor, any position except the one that will make me grow in the eyes of the Haitian people and to my electorate.”

“Not wanting to be judged by the rigor of history even less expose myself to its verdict, I draw my reverence and remains available to the Haitian people of which I am a worthy and faithful servant,” he wrote.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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