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ObamaCare Is The Law Of The Land!

After not only 50 repeal attempts, but several threats of dismantling the Affordable Care Act led by the Republicans in the house and senate, the Supreme Court put to death any such further attempts by ruling in a 6-3 majority decision that subsidies were legal thus reaffirming Obamacare as the land of the land.

Now, in what may be easily described as a victory speech, President Obama in his weekly address noted, “Five years ago, we finally declared that in America, health care is not a privilege for a few, but a right for all.”

Photo Credit: the White House.
Photo Credit: the White House.

He also underscored the point that after several threats to dismantle the law, a Presidential election based in part on preserving or repealing the health care law as well as multiple challenges before the Supreme Court, in the end, the Supreme Court judges have decided in favor of keeping the health care Act intact.

“We can now say this for certain: the Affordable Care Act still stands, it is working, and it is here to stay,” said the President.

“When the Court upheld a critical part of the Affordable Care Act, it was a victory for hardworking Americans all across this country whose lives are more secure because of this law.  This law means that if you’re a parent, you can keep your kids on your plan until they turn 26.  If you’re a senior, or an American with a disability, this law gives you discounts on your prescriptions. You can’t be charged more just because you’re a woman.  And you can’t be discriminated against just for having a pre-existing condition,” the President further explained.

He also posited that the law is working exactly as was originally intended and in some instances better than expected.

He argued that more than 16 million uninsured Americans have gained coverage and moreover, nearly one in three Americans who were uninsured a few years ago are insured today.

“The uninsured rate in America is the lowest since we began to keep such records,” he remarked.

Furthermore, he said, “The law has helped hold the price of health care to its slowest growth in 50 years.  If your family gets insurance through the workplace, not through the Affordable Care Act, you’re paying about $1,800 less per year on average than you would be if trends before this law had continued – which is good for workers and it’s good for the economy.”

He declared that even though there have been misinformation campaigns and doomsday predictions; talk of death panels and job destruction; repeal attempts – the law has been helping tens of millions of Americans.

“This isn’t just about Obamacare.  This is health care in America,” he opined.

He argued that given the fact the case has been decided by the court it was time to get to work in making health care in America even better and more affordable.

“It is time to stop refighting battles that have been settled again and again. It’s time to move on,” he concluded.

Davy Desmond, Readers Bureau, Fellow

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