Not One Accomplishment In Marco Rubio’s Entire Career Says…

New Jersey Governor — Chris Christie

Photo Credit: US Senate.
Photo Credit: US Senate.

Marco Rubio’s rise in politics like President Obama has come rather quickly. In fact, Rubio has been labeled in some quarters as an “Obama me too” and “Obama wannabe.”

Notwithstanding, the 44-year-old Rubio boast an impressive resume reflecting the following:

City Commissioner for West Miami

Member of Florida House of Representatives

House Majority Leader

Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives

Adjunct Professor at Florida International University

Junior United States Senator

2016 Republican Party Presidential Candidate

Today, Marco Rubio receives favorable ratings in the polls among Republican voters and is touted by others as the best candidate to represent the Republican Party in the November 2016, General Election.

In fact, so far, he has acquitted himself well in the Republican debates, and it would be safe to say that Rubio has a silver tongue.

However, on the political campaign trail, Rubio has come under scrutiny time and again and has been found wanting in many areas among which include the following:

Disputing the scientific understanding of climate change, and has argued that human activity does not play a major role in global warming and that proposals to address climate change would be ineffective and economically harmful.

Time and again has stated that he would repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), but is yet to provide a suitable alternative plan to replace it.

He has put forward an educational plan that is described as wild by critics with some arguing that his “student investment plans” could make college more expensive for some people.

Flip flops on immigration and is viewed as spineless by many people from his own ethnic group.

In the meantime, Chris Christie, a Republican opponent in the Presidential race, has mocked Rubio as a cosseted “boy in the bubble,” derided him as “constantly scripted,” likened him to “the king of England,” and, perhaps most creatively, compared his Senate career to that of a helpless fourth grader who is told which chair to sit in at school.

On the campaign stump, Christie has challenged anyone to point him to any significant accomplishment that Rubio has done while he’s in the United States Senate.

“I can’t find one,” Mr. Christie added.

In addition, Jeb Bush, another opponent has criticized Rubio for not showing up for work:

“When you signed up for this, this is a six-year term. You should be showing up to term. Literally, the senate, is it a French work week? You get three days to show up. Just resign and let somebody else take the job. There are a lot of people who are living paycheck to paycheck in Florida,” said Bush.

Regardless of the foregoing, however, Rubio’s campaign is gaining momentum and indications thus far suggest that Rubio may very well be the candidate that the Democrat will have to oust to maintain the Presidency of the White House.

Yvad Billings, Readers Bureau, Fellow

Edited by Jesus Chan

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