North Korea Supplies Russia With Ballistic Missiles

The U.S. has accused North Korea of supplying Russia with ballistic missiles and missile launchers that were used in recent attacks on Ukraine.

The Pyongyang-supplied missiles with ranges of around 900 kilometers were fired by Russia in two attacks within the last week.

The White House says the development underscored the need for the US Congress to pass a package of vital military aid for Ukraine, expressing concern that the pipeline of support will soon run dry.

Russian forces launched at least one of the North Korean-supplied missiles on December 30, which landed in an open field in the Zaporizhzhia region.

The US and its allies will now raise the matter at the UN Security Council as it represents a breach of UN sanctions.

The US says Russia also intends to purchase missiles from its ally Iran and talks are under way for the purchase of close-range ballistic missiles.

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