No Distinction In Response If Russia Uses Nuclear Weapon

Jake Sullivan United States National Security Advisor, says the U.S. would not make any distinction in its response to Russia if it used a nuclear weapon in its war with Ukraine.

He was responding to a hypothetical question of whether the U.S. would distinguish between so-called “tactical” nuclear weapons and those used in a wide-scale attack.

“The use of a nuclear weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine is the use of a nuclear weapon on the battlefield in Ukraine, and we’re not going to slice the salami,” Sullivan said. “The notion that somehow there’s differences in use here, I think, is a dangerous notion.”

“From our perspective, we believe it is incumbent upon the United States, working with our NATO allies and partners and other responsible countries around the world, including the likes of China and India, to send a very clear and decisive message to Russia that they should not contemplate the use of nuclear weapons in this conflict,” Sullivan added.

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