News Brief

News Brief

Obama Turns His Back On Vladimir Putin – Cancels Meeting In Moscow

US President Barack Obama has cancelled a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin after Russia’s decision to grant asylum to intelligence leaker Edward Snowden, the White House said. President Obama is reported to have said that Russia is slipping back into cold war mentality an attitude  that is misplaced at this time.

Android Market Share In Global Smartphone Shipments Continues To Rise

The popular website,, has reported that the shipment of Android smartphone climb to a whopping 73.5 percent between the second quarter of 2012 and Q2 2013, citing information from research firm IDC’s latest numbers, the website noted that  187.4 million Android-powered phones shipped in the most recent quarter, represented 79.3 percent of all smartphones shipped during the quarter. The next closest smartphone platform was iOS, which shipped just 31.2 million units, accounting for 13.2 percent of overall share.

New Concerns After Bird Flu ‘Passes From Father To Daughter’

Researchers have now reported that for the first time there is a case of human-to-human transmission of a new bird flu that has shown up in China. The H7N9 virus is a deadly strain of the avian flu and has passed between people for the first time.  Until now there had been no evidence of anyone catching the H7N9 virus other than after direct contact with birds. Most people who have contracted the flu before have either had contact with live poultry or have visited markets selling live birds.