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U.S. Is A Country That Actually Implements Forced Labor: Xinjiang Official

China on Saturday hit back at the U.S. for being the country that actually implements forced labor.

“The United States has a history of trafficking, abuse and discrimination against black people for several hundred years. That cannot be denied. American agriculture is one of the hardest hit areas,” Xu Guixiang, spokesperson for the Xinjiang regional government, said at a press briefing in Beijing.

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‘No need’: Taliban Dissolves Afghanistan Election Commission

The Taliban government scraps the panel that supervised polls during the previous Western-backed administration.

The Taliban has dissolved Afghanistan’s election commission, a panel that supervised polls during the previous Western-backed administration, says a spokesman for the government.

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Thousands Of Flights Canceled Globally As Omicron Mars Christmas Weekend

Commercial airlines around the world canceled more than 4,500 flights over the Christmas weekend, as a mounting wave of COVID-19 infections driven by the Omicron variant created greater uncertainty and misery for holiday travelers.

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